Twirling Australia Brand identification 

Branding plays a key role in creating your image, more importantly your image as perceived by the general public  and your members. It is important to consider how you position your brand in the minds of others by looking at all  touch points you present.

Our Twirling Australia Brand

Branding may include a logo however the foundation of your brand comes from the common values you represent.  Twirling Australia values.

Twirling Australia will present a consistent look and feel in line with these values across all communications. This  cohesive branding approach will ensure we, as our sports national governing body, are recognised and respected as  we grow our sport across the country.

As a Twirling Australia member, including judges, coaches and athletes, every time you represent our sport in any  fashion, conducting yourself in accordance with our values is key to creating our positive brand image.

This includes how you dress, what you say and what you do. As ABTA committee members, we must lead with integrity  by setting the example for others.


When writing and speaking about our association, ‘Twirling Australia’ is our primary name. ‘Australian Baton Twirling  Association’ is used only when formal address is required.


When writing/speaking within and on behalf of the brand, all communication should be inclusive, transparent and  concise.

External copy written for newsletters, social media, website etc should be amicable, positive have have a consistent  tone across all channels.



To Provide an integrated and realistic pathway for members that assists them to reach their full potential whilst  encouraging to foster, promote and provide leadership for the sport of Baton Twirling in Australia.


-Patriots who are professional leaders but at the same time personable Aussies

  • Exude passion for baton twirling and building a supportive community

  • Team work

  • Health and happiness

Examples of key communication channels are anything the general public and members see and hear about us:


  • Website 

  • Social Media 

  • Enewsletters

  • Event promotion

  • Official documentation


  • Event speeches

  • Trophies

  • Competition programs

  • National tracksuit & merchandise

  • Sponsorships